CDH EMS System Policies

A-1 Review and Revisions of CDHEMSS Policies
A-2 Review and Revisions of Region 8 SOPs
A-3 Pre-Hospital Communications
A-4 Hospital Communications
A-5 Agency EMS Coordinators
A-6 Request for Clarification
A-7 Materials / Library

B-1 Abandoned Newborn / Infant
B-2 Behavioral Emergencies
B-4 Invalid Assist
B-5 Notification of Coroner
B-6 Physician / Nurse on Scene
B-7 School Bus Accident
B-8 Treatment of Minors
B-9 Use of Physical / Chemical Restraints

C-1 Concealed Carry Weapons
C-2 Confidentiality of Medical Records
C-3 Continuity of Care
C-4 Crime Scene / Law Enforcement Interaction
C-5 Duty to Act
C-6 Informing 911 Caller of Response Times
C-7 Patient Destination
C-8 Patient Care Report Completion
C-9 Personnel Immune From Liability
C-10 Refusal Adult
C-11 Refusal Minor
C-12 Reportable Situations
C-13 Retention of EMS Records
C-14 Transfer of Care
C-15 Vehicle Service Level / Infield Changes

D-1 Ambulance / Non-Transport Inspections
D-2 Controlled Substances
D-3 Equipment / Products Containing Latex
D-4 Equipment Minimums / Restocking
D-5 Equipment Additions
D-6 Medical Device Malfunction
D-7 Medication Exchange

System Entry / Licensing
E-1 EMS Provider Relicensing
E-2 System Entry
E-3 EMS Lead Instructor Initial
E-4 EMS Lead Instructor Renewal
E-5 EMS License Inactivation / Reactivation

Education / Training
F-1 ECRN Instructor
F-2 ECRN Training Program
F-3 EMS Education Hours Tracking
F-4 EMS Continuing Education
F-5 EMS Preceptor
F-6 EMT-B Instructor
F-7 EMT-B Training Course
F-8 Paramedic Program Instructor
F-9 Paramedic Training Program
F-10 PHRN Instructor
F-11 PHRN Training Program
F-12 Clinical Experiences
F-13 System Didactic Programs

G-1 Letter of Good Standing Requests
G-2 Personnel Changes

System Participation
H-1 Moral and Ethical Conduct
H-2 System Good Standing
H-3 Drugs Diversion / ETOH Use
H-4 EMS Provider Suspension / Removal
H-5 Agency Suspension / Removal
H-6 Minimum Staffing

Exposure / Infectious Disease / Death
I-1 EMS Exposure
I-2 EMS Personnel Potentially Life-threatening Injuries / Death

Region Bypass / Crisis
J-1 Hospital Bypass
J-2 System Wide Crisis

QA / Case Reviews
K-1 QA
K-2 Case Reviews